EDM-Mixing.com is a collection of High-End EDM Mixing and Mastering services. Our job is to make dance music sound incredibly good. Most people tend to think that mastering alone is enough to do the job, but at EDM-Mixing, we believe that you need a really good mix to work with.

Why choose EDM-Mixing?

-We are customer focused and love the work we do.

-We always try to achieve the best result.

-We’ve got an amazing collection vintage audio equipment.

-We exclusively use this vintage collection in order to archieve the best sound.

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EDM Mixing Service

EDM Mixing serviceThe EDM Mixing Service focusses at the process of mixing down all the channels of a song together into one single stereo track. It is the most important thing to do if a dance producer wants to provide their track with an amazing sound. A mixdown usually takes between four and six hours. Read more

EDM Mastering Service

EDM Mastering ServiceOur EDM Mastering Service is the finishing touch for your EDM track. The mastering engineer makes sure that the overall sound and loudness of your track is able to compete with other tracks. When the track has been mastered, it is ready to be signed or distributed.

EDM Mastering asks for a different approach compared to ordinary mastering services. The demands for both sound and loudness differ greatly from traditional music.

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Vocal Service


Vocals are always difficult in a production. Luckily, we are able to make sure that the vocals in your track always sound perfect. We have a large database of singers at our disposal, and we are able to record vocals in the highest possible quality at our studio.

In case of prerecorded vocals, we offer our melodyne service. Melodyne makes sure that your vocals will be at perfect pitch, without artifacts. However, melodyne requires a lot of skill. Luckily, we are able to help you get rid of this hassle.

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